Atlantis Training Online

Training that comes to you!

Why train online?

E-learning is designed to make learning flexible, more cost effective and save time! By choosing e-learning you can complete the course of your choice when and where it is best for you. Our courses can be completed in one sitting or can be worked through in smaller sections – at your own pace – the system will remember where you are so when you come back you can continue from exactly where you left off.

Unlike on-site training, e-learning is not bound by geography so allows you to train wherever you like, as long as you have access to the internet. For larger organisations this means e-learning will have a lower impact on productivity as you are not required to have all of your employees take the training at the same time. You can organise training in small groups or around different work shifts.

A consistent experience

Our video based/presenter led e-learning courses also bare the benefit of being very consistent as all learners will be experiencing the same course material with the exact same presentation, structure and order of delivery. This makes it easier for learners to discuss training specifics.

Progression tracking

At the end of each course there is a printable certificate to confirm you have completed the training and if you are an organisation (with a number of learners) we will manage this part of the process.  We can track your employee’s individual progress and are at the end of the phone if you would like to discuss ther progress.

Flexible accessibility

Online training is also great for organisations that have workers who travel a lot or work away on locations away from the office, through their smartphone or tablet they can undergo essential training whilst on the go. One of the main focuses behind e-learning is the provision of greater flexibility in how organisations can go about getting key staff trained to the required standards.