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Lone Working – Out the Workplace


In some job roles, you will be expected to work away from a fixed workplace and this can open individuals up to a greater risk of violence, aggression or a situation where there may not be other people around.

This course will give individuals the skills and knowledge around awareness of working away from a fixed workplace.  It will raise awareness of an individual’s surroundings and the behaviour of others.  The course will look at strategies on how to prepare yourself in terms of a daily routine and give you advice around if an individual finds themselves in a threatening situation.



The Lone Working out of the Workplace course looks at how you can put into place ‘buddy’ systems and tracking systems just in case of an emergency.


Course content:

  • What is personal safety?
  • Practical Planning
  • Staying in control
  • Buddy Systems

Course duration:

Approximately 35 minutes.

Assessment method:

Multiple choice test consisting of 20 questions.

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