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Display Screen Equipment

Posture when using display screen equipment

Anyone who uses a computer on a daily basis should undertake Visual Display Unit Training (VDU) or what is also known as Display Screen Equipment Training (DSE). The training will show you how to carry out a risk assessment on your workstation whether you are working at a standalone computer, laptop or tablet/mobile device.

The assessment highlights areas such as good desk posture to avoid back and neck pain, eye friendly lighting including eye strain awareness and anti-measures to reduce screen glare which can lead to red irritable eyes and headaches.

Eye strain from using display screen equipment

This online course will give you guidance and advice on how best to arrange your existing workplace equipment to ensure that you minimise any and all risks that are associated with using a computer (or other display screen equipment) for extended periods of time.

Course content:

  • Chair and desk setup
  • Layout of your work area
  • Environment
  • Portable devices such as laptops
  • Exercises that can be carried out at your work area
  • DSE assessment

Course duration:

Approximately 45 minutes.

Assessment method:

Multiple choice test consisting of 20 questions.

Course Accreditation:

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