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Abrasive Wheel Safety Training


An abrasive wheel is a wheel made from or coated with abrasive particles that are bonded together.  They are used for grinding or in various machine operations.  The wheels move very fast and it is important anyone using them knows how to fit them correctly and knows what controls to put in place.  Injuries that occur from using abrasive wheels can be very serious.


This course focuses on the safety of using abrasive wheels.  It takes a look at the different types of wheels and how to choose the right wheel.  Ensuring you have the right wheel is important to ensure that you do damage the materials you are working with, produce substandard work or injure yourself or others.  We also cover how to handle the wheels, the best ways to store the wheels and ensure they are kept maintained.

It covers the use of risk assessments, PPE, safety guards, work rests, hot work permits and general safety.  It looks at the laws and legislation around using abrasive wheels and the responsibilities of both the employer and the employee.

On completion of this e-learning course, you will receive a printable certificate.

Course content:

  • An introduction to abrasive wheels
  • The types of abrasive wheels
  • Choosing the right wheel
  • Wheel safety and maintenance

Course duration:

Approximately 40 minutes.

Assessment method:

Multiple choice test consisting of 20 questions.

Course Accreditation:

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