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What is the minimum specification required to run the course?

Flash Player:

The minimum requirement is version 9, but we highly recommend you visit the Adobe Flashplayer website and update to the most recent release. Always use the latest version where possible.

Supported Operating System / Browser combinations:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (Windows 7)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 8 / Windows 7)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7)
  • Mozilla Firefox Latest Version (Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / OS X)
  • Google Chrome Latest Version (Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / OS X)
  • Mobile Safari (iPad iOS 7)

We support the last three Internet Explorer releases and all other current modern browsers. If you have any problems make sure you update your browser.

How do I pay for a licence?

If you are an individual looking to purchase a course, please click the ‘pay with card’ button on the course you wish to buy and follow the instructions on-screen. Once the payment has been made you will be issued a username to login with and access the course.

If you are looking to purchase more than five licences for a course please contact us on 0845 86 22 131 for bulk discount information.

When will I get my username and password?

Once you have paid for the course, where possible, the username and password will automatically be sent over to you via email. If your purchase is outside of office hours it will be sent across to you on the next working day, this is because it requires manual intervention on our part.

I need more than one licence how much does it cost?

We offer preferential rates if you are looking to purchase over five licences at a time. For further details on our bulk discount pricing please contact us on 0845 86 22 131.

Are the courses approved?

All of our training courses are approved. On each of the course pages you can see who the awarding body is. Course approvals are provided through either RoSPA, CIEH or IATP.

Do I get a certificate?

All of our courses, once completed, will produce a certificate that can be saved as a .PDF (Portable Document Format) file or printed out.

I haven’t got a printer, how do I print a certificate?

If you do not have a printer we are able to print you one of our certificates for the small charge of £5. These full certificates also come with a credit card sized certificate.

How long does my course last?

Each of our online courses have different durations but a rough estimate as to how long each course will take is detailed on its respective course page, however being that these are just a guide it may take longer. You can pause the course at any time and then resume it again whenever you wish.

I have bought a number of courses for my employees, how do I know who has completed the course?

If you would like to know how many of your employees have completed the course or observe who has not yet started the course, please give us a ring and we can provide all this information for you.

Do you offer face-to-face training?

Although this sites main focus is on our e-learning course material we do have a network of experienced trainers throughout the country who can offer instruction face-to-face if you’d prefer. Have a look at Atlantis Training Services or contact us on 0845 86 22 131 for further details.

Do the licences expire?

Your licences will remain valid for up to 6 months following purchase at which time they will be placed on hold.

What is your refund policy?

If you have progressed part way through the course we will be unable to offer you a refund. There are demonstrations of our courses on the website for you to view before you decide to purchase a licence. We can however offer a refund in exceptional circumstances, please contact us for further information.

The videos make mention of a CD-ROM, can we purchase the course through this method?

Unfortunately we no longer provide a CD-ROM for our courses. By using the e-learning courses through our website we are able to ensure that the training is up-to-date with accurate information as legislation is updated or changed.